Our Story

Looking Back

The Francis family has lived in Cane Bay (Lindera) since Fall 2019 and has truly enjoyed making Cane Bay their new home. Prior to moving, they weren’t completely unfamiliar with the area, however, as Nathan and Lori came to Charleston for their honeymoon. The area has always held a very special place in their hearts, which makes it even sweeter that they now call Cane Bay their home.

Six months after they moved here, COVID hit. Despite being new to the area, Nathan and Lori decided to do what they could to help out their quarantined neighbors. They made a simple postcard offering to pick up groceries, prescriptions, or pray for any neighbors. They gave those postcards to their 600 nearest neighbors. A number of great friendships were formed over the phone and from a social distance.

Sept 2020, they started a Missional Community which multiplied in June 2021, and again in January 2022, to meet in three neighborhoods in Cane Bay on Tuesdays from 6:30-8pm and Thursdays from 6:30-8pm. As a group, they are striving to come up with creative ways to serve their Cane Bay neighbors.

The Missional Communities have organized events ranging from Kickball Tournaments, to Easter Egg Hunts, and Community Movie Nights, all which have provided a fun opportunity for many children and families to get outside and meet their neighbors.

Looking Forward

We currently meet for Sunday services at 10AM at the Cane Bay Middle School.  We are excited to continue to get to know our neighbors in Cane Bay and serve them in any way we can. We will continue to organize events and activities to serve those around us. If you are interested in being notified of events, please let us know on our Contact form.

In the next few years, as soon as we can get the church to a cruising altitude, we intend to begin making preparations to help launch a daughter church in the area. We do not exist as a church to make a name for ourselves, but to advance God’s Kingdom through planting new churches.


Contact Form

Have a question or want more information about Hope Community Church? Send a message and we will reply as soon as we can or give us a call at 843-695-7108.